Joe LoBello, Managing Director

For more than 15 years, Joe LoBello has provided clients with strategic counsel and advice aimed at helping them achieve their business goals. He has extensive experience in the development and execution of winning strategies for corporate communication programs, crisis situations and financial transactions, including building support for leadership changes, IPO’s and secondary offerings, mergers & acquisitions, private placements, passive and active investments, and exits and divestitures. Joe is also a senior leader of Brainerd’s executive media training program and social media team. He has worked across multiple industries and has a deep background in financial and professional services, industrial products, oil & gas, and media. Joe began his public relations career at Thomson Financial after serving in the political arena under New York State Senator Norman J. Levy. He graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and received a Master of Arts in Government and Politics from St. John’s University.